Marc Soler et Kai Witzel Clinique Saint Jean Cagnes sur Mer

It was a pleasure to receive in Cagnes sur Mer, our Friend the Surgeon Kai Witzel from Hünfeld, Germany.

Kai is the famous pionner of the Endoscopic minimally invasive thyroidectomy (transoral approach)
He is also a Proctologist.

Kai operates over 200 inguinal hernias each year,mainly with the endoscopic TEP technique.

He saw the MOPP technique during the last Hernientage Congress in Berlin the 29 of January 2016.

But it's more efficient to see the technique, head to head, in the operative room.

So he decided to come to Cagnes.

We realised together four groin hernias repair to show step by step the MOPP technique.

It was a pleasure to show all the details of this pre peritoneal approach to a TEP specialist , but with a really minimale invasive approach, ( one 3 cm incision, laryngueal mask, no curarization….).

And all the patients was in a ambulatory setting, that's not 

 so usual in germany specifically after TEP procedure

After a very busy day Kai flew to Francfort.

Thanks to Kai for coming and thanks to François Ducourtieux from our partner Aspide Medical for the organisation.
We will continue to promote our favorite technique…